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Contact us on (01) 7073978 and a funeral representative
will call you back at a time that's convenient.

From start to finish, we want to be clear on how the cremation process is implemented to ensure the service we offer is open and transparent.

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If you decide to proceed with our services, we will email a submission form
to allow us to obtain information regarding the applicant and the deceased.

Once we receive the completed submission form, a quotation of
costs is emailed to the applicant.

Full payment is required and a receipt for payment will then be emailed.

A completed Cremation form B will be emailed. This form must be signed by the next of kin or executor and returned by email
onlycremation will administer all other documentation requirements.

When all documents are completed, we will phone to discuss the funeral date which will normally take place on an afternoon.
If no service is required, we will inform you of the date when cremation will take place.

For our cremation plus service, we can arrange a celebrant at no additional cost. The celebrant then contacts the family to discuss the order of service.

The wording for a death notice publication can be drafted by the family.
The text is emailed to us for publication on
(A photo and the crematorium webcam link with the date and time of the cremation service can also be published within the notice).

-- The funeral takes place --
Cremation plus service - the family will meet the hearse at the crematorium.
Simple Cremation - the family are not present.

An invoice of costs is emailed to the family. This may be required if solicitors or financial institutions are administering the estate.

The family are informed when the ashes are available
and the ashes are delivered directly to the applicant.

When payment is verified, we will arrange collection of the deceased.
If specific clothing is required for the deceased to wear then these items must be made available for collection when we take the deceased into our care.

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(01) 7073978

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Areas Covered

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