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A Simple Dignified Low Cost Funeral


We will arrange to take the deceased into our care from anywhere in Ireland.

Do you collect the deceased


A cremation form C will be required before we can arrange collection of the deceased.
This must be completed and signed by the GP if the person died at home or by the doctor in the hospital or nursing home if this was the place of death. We can liase with the appropriate authorities to obtain these documents.
In the event that the doctor cannot complete this form then the death must be referred to the local coroner. We will liase with the coroner in these instances.

What documents are required before cremation can proceed.

(Download Documents here)

No, offering a simple cremation service allows us to keep our costs much lower than the cost of a traditional funeral. Our partners    can offer a broader professional funeral service at a lower cost than most funeral companies throughout Ireland.

Do you offer a traditional funeral service


We offer two types of cremation, the simple cremation and service plus cremation. There is no viewing of the deceased in advance of either. This enables us to keep our costs much lower than a traditional funeral.

Can we see our loved one in advance of the cremation

Yes, a hearse is used for the funeral if the family require a service in the crematorium.
For a simple funeral, we will arrange transportation to the crematorium in a suitable vehicle.

Is a hearse used for the funeral

The family can consider a number of locations located in Dublin

Where does the cremation take place

Glasnevin Crematorium

Dardistown Crematorium

Newlands Cross Crematorium

Mount Jerome Crematorium

This is dependent on availability within the crematorium. We can advise of availability closer to the requested cremation date. Cremation would normally take place on an afternoon.

Can I choose when the cremation can take place

The ashes are normally ready approximately one to two weeks after the cremation day

When will the ashes be ready.

As part of our service, we will collect the ashes on your behalf and deliver directly to the family of the deceased.

Who collects the ashes

The ashes are returned in a basic container as issued by the crematorium. There are a number of suppliers throughout Ireland who can offer an alternative to the basic Urn.

How are the ashes returned to the family.

All crematoriums issue a certificate of cremation which accompanies the ashes when returned to the family.

If we had no cremation service, how do we know cremation took place.

Included in the cost is a simple light oak veneered coffin prepared with an engraved name plate. (A Cross on the coffin is Optional).

What type of coffin is used for the funeral

The family would normally arrange their own flowers. This ensures no additional costs are applied to the funeral and enables our costs to remain at a minimum.

Will there be flowers.

As the funeral costs are fixed, payment is required in advance of the funeral taking place.

When is payment required

Social welfare assistance may cover the cost of the funeral however we offer our low cost funerals based on full payment prior to the funeral taking place. You would need to find an alternative source of funding until any payment from Social Welfare is processed.

Do you accept assistance from Social Welfare.

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If clothing is supplied when the deceased is taken into our care then this clothing will be used to ensure the deceased is dressed appropriately.

Will the deceased be dressed

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